Non Alcoholic Craft Cocktails/Drinks/Beverage

The Benefits of Non Alcoholic Craft Cocktails/Drinks/Beverage

As consumers become more health-conscious, the popularity of non alcoholic drink is on the rise. But millennials want something different - the no proof, spirit free mocktails on the market are a worlds away from their parents Shirley templates. 

The new non alcoholic craft cocktails on the market today are modern, sophisticated drinks with flavor profiles that rival their alcoholic counterparts. They are thoughtfully made for a consumer who wants to abstain from alcohol, but not at the sacrifice of flavor. 

At Mocktail club, we believe you can have both a balanced, healthy lifestyle and a drink that is thoughtful and sophisticated (without the hangover). 

Our Non Alcoholic Drinks 

Mocktail Club is a leader in Non-Alcoholic Cocktails. Our non-alcoholic beverage or drinks have been featured in publications like Rolling Stone, Buzzfeed, NPR, Marie Claire and more. The reason? We don't sacrifice on quality. 

We use clean ingredients that include superfoods, such as pomegranates, cranberries and blackberries. We also add caffeine-free tea infused with spices, such as cardamom to create tannins and complexities with each sip.

If you're sober curious or a mindful drinker, mocktail club is great for any occasion - such as brunches, dinners, baby showers, parties and corporate virtual happy hours.